Dr Dripper (3 x 10ml)

Danger Zone

A tongue twisting, tantalisingly tasty concocted by Dr Dripper himself! Comprised of bursting blackcurrants thrown into a flask of tangy, tart lemons sprinkled with sugary ice crystals which is then liquidised to serve a perfect blackcurrant lemonade cocktail with a slight hint of mint.

Electric Shock

After experimenting with mixing one test tube of refreshing orange soda with one test tube of electronically charged cool ice menthol, the analysis was that this vape will shock your body and will leave you with the aftermath of wanting more and more!

Rocket Fuel

The machines have been cranked up to maximum voltage to atomize the mouth watering mixed fruits into small enough molecules to be blended with melted spearmint chews fresh off the Bunsen burner.

Super Charged

This flavour has been developed and tested by super charging a juicy pineapple and submerging it into a beaker full of fizzy lime soda whilst being left to infuse with a handful of mint leaves. The results came back showing the ultimate energizing vape has been created with the lowest of minty kicks.

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