Fizzy (120ml)

Fizzy Bull

Taking inspiration from energy drinks, this e-liquid is perfect for people who love energy drinks. Try Fizzy Bull today for an energizing Fizzy experience!

Fizzy Strawberry

A blend of fresh and ripe strawberries - heavenly when paired with it's signature fizzy feeling it brings . If you're a strawberry or soda e-juice lover, this is for you!

Fizzy Mango

A refreshing yet perfectly ripened Philippines mango blend of e-liquid. All in all, Fizzy Juice's Fizzy Mango is a rich mango e-juice.

Strawberry Custard

A blend of ripe wild strawberries paired with vanilla custard. If you're a creamy & strawberry e-juice lover, you have to try this!

Fizzy Pineapple

A ripe pineapple blend paired with a signature fizzy sensation. Super tasty! If you like pineapple flavours, be sure to try this out!

Fizzy Wild Berries

A fantastic wild berries Malaysian e-juice, paired with Fizzy Juice's signature fizzy sensation it brings - only one word can describe it, heavenly. If you're a berry lover, this e-liquid is for you!

Fizzy Orange

A blend of fresh oranges paired with a signature fizzy sensation. This flavor is a soda blend emulating the popular Fanta Orange soda.

Fizzy Grape

A refreshing blend of red globe grapes. This e-juice is a soda blend emulating the popular Fanta Grape soda.

Fizzy Kola

A straight up Coke flavor emulating Coca Cola.. This vape juice is perfect for people who love sodas or coke.

Fizzy Honeydew

A refreshing honeydew melon flavoured eliquid with a satisfying cooling exhale.

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Please Note: This e-liquid will come with nicotine shot(s) which need to be mixed with the e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine strength, remember to shake the e-liquid thoroughly once mixed.

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