Misfits (70ml)

Blue Slush

This is a flavor that brings you back to your childhood. Remember those blue crushed ice refreshing summertime drinks? Well this is exactly that, your all day cool refreshing vape.

Grape and Bubblegum

A lip smacking concoction of Grape and Bubblegum, this one will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth and all the Bubblegum lovers.

Lemon Cupcake

Lemon Cake covered with sweet lemon sparkles with a hint of smooth lemon frosting makes up this sweet favourite.

Lime Jelly Tots

Ready for a fresh taste lime jelly tots with a nice lime hit taking you back to your childhood.

Mango Guava Mixed Berries

If your a big fan of big ripe succulent melons freshly picked from the tropics, Then this distinct fresh melon will keep your mouth nice and wet. The mango taste along with passion fruit will keep your mouth watering all day.

Mango Melon Passionfruit

This fresh and summer tasting flavor will keep you going and make you want more and more. The mango and guava with a selection of red berries and a secret ingredient just to keep you wanting more,

Raspberry Sherbet

That fresh raspberry taste along with a nice sherbet taking you back to your childhood. These two flavors combined will keep you smiling all day.

Strawberry Watermelon

A lip smacking concoction of strawberries & watermelon with a hint of candy goodness, this one will definitley satisfy a sweet tooth and all the fruity lovers.

Rainbow Skittles

Taste the rainbow with this fantastic vape, just like the childhood sweets.

PG/VG Ratio


Please Note: This e-liquid will come with nicotine shot(s) which need to be mixed with the e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine strength, remember to shake the e-liquid thoroughly once mixed.

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