Psycho (100ml)

Psycho Unicorn

Just like a mythical unicorn the flavor coming from Psycho Unicorn is crazy unbelievable. This 100ml bottle of e liquid is filled with the taste of a sponge cake with candy cream filling. Its formulaic blend consists of 80VG/20PG and its sealed in a chubby gorilla bottle to prevent any leaks. You’ll transform into the happy human being that we know is locked inside of you with a whiff of this flavor. With each inhale and exhale you’ll rise above the clouds sending yourself to a paradise in the sky. What good luck you have or at least that's what you thought when you happened upon a picturesque scene of a majestic and magical unicorn grazing in a grassy field. You go in for a closer look but when you accidentally step on a branch the mythical creature hears you and starts flapping their wings. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to pet this beautiful animal so you whip out plan B. Is it ok for unicorns to eat sponge cake? Well, this one is magical. You wonder if anything bad could happen until you notice the unicorn coming closer to you - now’s your chance. you place the delicious sponge cake on the ground and gracefully pet the unicorn head as it eats. If only your friends could see you now. Unfortunately, you should have been more careful with your wish because now that unicorn follows you around wherever you go The worst part is if you don't feed it enough sponge cake it goes wild with crazy! Had you brought Psycho Unicorn by Psycho E Liquid instead, the smell alone would have hypnotized the animal to come closer to you. Moral of the story, buy Psycho Unicorn.

Psycho Kitty

If all dogs go to heaven, does that mean that all cats go to hell? We are not sure, but after you experience some time with this kitty, you may want to wish that they do. Psycho Kitty is the name of the e liquid that is being brought to us by Psycho E Liquid. Even though this kitty may not be the sanest one, it will still make sure you appreciate the flavor that it has to offer. There are several berries that were used to create this e liquid, but it may be difficult to determine which ones exactly because you are more focused on what the kitty is going to throw at you next. There is this dough ingredient that was added that may make you feel as if you are indulging in a delicious pastry made from the freshest fruits. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste the berries rushing into your mouth and it may give you this sweet and tart sensation that might make your mouth pucker for a bit. As you savor the blend, you begin to get the dough hints that is turning these berries into the main ingredient of a popular dessert item. For such a troubled kitty, it is making you feel warm inside. As the blend slowly begins to make its way down your throat, you suddenly receive this throat hit that makes you feel as if you have just pet the kitty in a place it did not want you to touch. Psycho Kitty begins to run all over your mouth and making you feel as if several juicy berries just exploded inside your mouth. Every spot this kitty scratch is just giving you more hints of flavor that are making your taste buds go crazy. The kitty wants to get out, but you are holding it in for a bit longer because it only gets better by the second. When you begin to exhale, you see the kitty coming out in a huge cloud, and before you think it is going to start clawing you, it vanishing into the sky. Do not let it be a stray cat, and invite it back in by going for several more pulls.

Psycho Yeti

There is a reason why many of us are not allowed to hang out in the artic. Sure, it is super cold, but we are being protected from seeing the dangers that lurk in the snowy glaciers. Psycho Yeti by Psycho E  Liquid is the flavor that is going to make you feel like you just won a trip to Antartica to view this magnificent creature. You might not be able to get too close, but you will be able to witness what it is like to see one before your very eyes. Apparently, this is a creature that many believed it exist, but now you have the opportunity to see it for yourself. When you take a pull fo this e liquid, you feel as if you are helping yourself to a smoothie that was made from frozen fruits. Do not worry, because the fruits are fresh, but since you are in the artic, they just happened to freeze faster then you expected. As you keep savoring the blend, you may get a couple minty hints that will make you feel as if you are waiting for the yeti to be shown to you. This yeti is not in the right state of mind, so you have to understand why it may take a while for you to feel the intensity of this whole experience. When the e liquid begins to make its way down your throat, you will feel as if the yeti has been released and is now causing mayhem inside your body. As scary as this may sound, it is actually making you feel relaxed because of all the flavors that this yeti is distributing all over the place. It is so fruity that you cannot help but salivate at the different taste you are sensing. The minty flavor might become a bit more potent, but nothing too intense that will make you want to exhale right away. Once you release the yeti out of your body, it feels as if you are creating him in the form of a huge cloud because they are just getting bigger and bigger! The yeti slowly vanishes into the sky, as if it went back to its habitat. This yeti may be psycho, but it will somehow know how to treat you right.  

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Please Note: This e-liquid will come with nicotine shot(s) which need to be mixed with the e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine strength, remember to shake the e-liquid thoroughly once mixed.

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