Zero (100ml)

Cari Man

The flavours of Cari Man e-liquid will take you away to a warm, sunny beach with mango, papaya and coconut notes. Fresh, sweet and lively, these tropical e-liquid will spirit you away to a beautiful island in the caribbean.

King Blue

King Blue or Blueberry Bon Bon is an irresistably juicy flavour, perfect for fruit fanatics. More than candy-like, the blueberry is strong and oh so sweet, wonderfully fluffy cloud vape. Blueberry sweet shop classic reborn.

Rasp Brap

Enjoy a buttery vanilla raspberry cake layered with delightful cream infused with ripe, sweet raspberries with a touch of fluffy cake filling topped off with roux red icing.

West Chi

West Chi or Strawberry Chewits tastes just like the real thing. Experience your favourite childhood sweet in a liquid form.... Perfect.


This spot on rendition of a Lemon Lime slushee is sure to be the best citrus e-Liquid your taste buds have ever experienced!

Top Rock

This flavour totally replicates the little Fruit Salad sweets. We cannot get enough of Top Rock by Zero! The Fruit Salad flavour is mesmorising and sure to concoct great flashbacks from your childhood.

Emcee Milk

The sweet, rich yet creamy taste of Strawberry Milkshake from Zero will bring back sweet childhood memories. You’ll love the perfect balance of strawberry sweetness and smooth milk.

Dr Mallozn

A light and fluffy marshmallow swirled with strawberry sauce and toasted to perfection. This is a delicious vape for those who love premium e-liquids.


A buttered lemon pie, infused with tangy lemon custard and topped with toasted fluffy meringue cream. The sweet tart dessert flavored cream vape is well-balanced, giving you one unbelievable taste.


Zesty Lemon notes infused into a Sponge Cake flavour blend - it tastes just like the real thing!

PG/VG Ratio


Please Note: This e-liquid will come with nicotine shot(s) which need to be mixed with the e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine strength, remember to shake the e-liquid thoroughly once mixed.

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